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Sleek Middle Part Hair Tutorial (Kardashian Inspired)

My hair is quite straight already so I don’t need to do too much straight into it. but because I’m wearing hair extensions I need to make sure that my natural hair blends in with the extensions. I’m just going to go through and straighten it.

Now I’m just going to create a section and then I’m just going to tie that back out of the way. it’s going to give my hair a quick brush through. okay so I’m just going to take my straighteners now, and I’m just going to straighten my hair and extensions together.

Also if you were hair extensions it’s a good idea just to kind of curve the ends inwards. I feel like this makes it look a lot more realistic. now I’m just going to take down this section and finally this last section. okay so I’m pretty happy with how straight it is I can always go over it again later on.

To get the perfect middle part it’s easier if you use a comb like this so it has a pointy end and kind of like a comb a bit here. I find that using other tools like a tangle teezer you’ll never be able to do it so use a comb like this if you can get your hands on one.

And just measure up from where your nose is so you can use this slide but I prefer to use this side really. and I just go from the center of my nose and find the middle. As you can see that’s created a really sleek middle part.

To get the middle part look what you want to do is measure where your kind of ear is. so my ear is here, so I’m just going to section this off with my comb again. so that’s my section and I’m just going to literally get a grip and grip that there.

Then I’m going to do the other side. so now you just want to grip whatever hair is left over into either a ponytail or just kind of grip it up. I’m using this bubble just because it prevents like kinks and your hair and stuff it’s by pop band if you’re wondering.

I’m just going to tie that out of the way. so I’m just grabbing my straightener again making sure they are as straight as possible. sometimes you can find you miss little pieces just by your ears. okay so now what I’m going to do is check that that straight which it is and I’m just going to get a bit of my smoothing serum this one is by Twisted Sister.

Just put the tiniest bit onto your fingers although I think that’s even too much. kind of rub it in your hands to warm up. and then just kind of push it against your root. and just push the hair behind your ears. You might want to just wash your hands after this point cuz your hands are a little bit of a mess.

Then I’m just going to grab the two strands at the side and make a little ponytail at the back of my head. another way you can do your hair if you don’t want to use a hair elastic, you can just push the hair behind your ears. and then take grip and just grip it behind.

Now we’ve got all of that into position and I’m pretty happy with how it looks., I’m now going to take down this back part just give it a quick brush through again. just go over and straighten any pieces if you feel like you need to. and then now I’m just going to take my comb again.

I just add a little bit of volume into this part. so I’m just going to grab a few sections. push down against the root. then just give your hair a quick hairspray. and then that’s it.

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Kim Kardashian Hairstyles

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