30 Stunning Medium Length Hairstyles for Round Faces 2018

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Shoulder-length is the most ideal for everyone, because it is easy to carry an ideal for making any hairstyle. Round-faced can easily manage with the hair length. shoulder length hair style for round face. we are fully understand how wonderful a fresh new hairstyle make us feel as it raises our confidence in overall appearance but choosing a perfect hairstyle that suit you is definitely a difficult task.

1. Blonde bob. This shoulder length hair style is made interesting with cheekbone grazing layers that flip out away from the face. highlights are kept brightest around the face and fade into deeper tones towards the back of the head. this is an awesome example of how a medium length haircut can really flatter a round face.

2. Flattery curls. A deep side part and long bangs help add interest to this soft curly style. the curls are broken up which keep the look more unkempt and romantic. it’s a perfect hairstyle for round face with shoulder length. this gorgeous color still has some hints of brown to it which help to give it dimension in a more natural look.

3. Angled bangs. A heavy fringe is really flattering, shaggy shoulder length for round face to prevent bangs from shortening a round face. adjust the width snip these ones just above the eyelashes from cheekbone to cheekbone angling them down at the sides. this will really plays up eyes blew them dry with a round brush. smooth them over with a flat iron and dabbed professionals.

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